Class Information

Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga Class Information


WELCOME! We are so excited that you are starting your journey with Power Yoga Evolution on 1060 Osgood St. North Andover MA! All classes are designed for beginners as well as advanced practitioners – no previous yoga experience is required. Don’t be intimidated – you will have lots of fun. Just listen to YOUR body throughout the class – all postures can be modified to your abililty. Have an open mind and an open heart and no expectations.


Practice on an empty stomach. We recommend that you wait at least two to three hours after eating to practice yoga. If eating is a necessity, choose something light, or drink a glass of juice.

Drink lots of water in the 24 hours prior to class. Dehydration will negatively affect your experience. The room is heated to approximately 95 – 100 degrees.


Dress in non-restrictive clothing that allows you to move comfortably and sweat freely. Wear clothing that exposes your ankles, knees, elbows, and shoulders. Doing so will allow you and your teacher to observe your joints and help you deepen your practice.


Bring a Yoga mat, towel and a large water, if you do not have them, we have them available for rent.


Please be aware of personal hygiene. Be mindful of air quality in a hot room. Deodorant is recommended but strong perfumes and colognes are not. It is also essential to wash your yoga mat regularly.

Bring a towel. Towels are available to rent.


Alert the teacher to any injuries prior to class so he or she can provide any needed modifications to the postures. This is for your safety and the longevity of your practice.


Refrain from talking during class. It is disruptive and disrespectful to the teacher.
If you have questions for the teacher, refrain from asking them during the class. Power Yoga Evolution teachers will make themselves available after class for any questions or concerns.


Acknowledge your limitations. With regular practice, good alignment, and proper breathing, you are well on your way to healing.


If you are not feeling well during class, recline on your back. Please make every effort to stay in the room until the end of class.


DRINK LOTS OF WATER THROUGHOUT THE DAY, BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER CLASS. Small sips are recommended throughout the class.