Hot Yoga

There are many benefits to practicing hot yoga on a daily basis. The most prominent benefits to hot yoga are the physical and mental improvements one will see once they commit to the hot yoga lifestyle.

Physical Benefits of Hot Yoga

The many different asanas (poses) featured in hot yoga ensure that the body will greatly improve its ability to stretch and to have greater flexibility. With better flexibility comes a wider range of motion for our joints, which ensures physical activity will not take such a toll on us. People with poor flexibility will be more prone to sport and general activity related injuries. Practicing hot yoga and putting your body in a position where it is made to flex will ensure that you are unharmed as you venture through your daily routine. Hot yoga will bring you to a higher range of flexibility so your body can perform to its highest potential.


Another physical benefit of hot yoga is the strengthening of muscles that one will experience. Hot yoga requires that one holds asanas in place and this is how the muscles gain strength. By holding asanas and keeping the poses diverse, the body is put through a workout that brings about the same results as weight training and aerobic exercise.


Hot yoga will shape, lengthen, and tone your muscles in conjunction with flexing them and strengthening them. With improved flexibility and the strengthening of muscles comes the inevitable toning of the body. The physical benefits of hot yoga are all related. People who suffer from muscle stiffness and other bodily pain will definitely see a reduction of pain after they start practicing hot yoga. With better flexibility and muscle strengthening comes the release of tension that can build up in our bodies. Since hot yoga improves the alignment of our bones and muscles, it will reduce pain in and out of class in general.


Physical Benefits in Relation to Heat

The heat element put in place by hot yoga is a highly effective part of the physical improvements one will experience. Increased heat during physical exercise increases the amount of perspiration out of the body which in turn increases the amount of toxins released from the body during practice. During one of our sessions, one will perspire more than they do in the span of one week. Joining the hot yoga evolution will cleanse your system quicker and more efficiently than other workouts because of the element of heat.


The high temperature in hot yoga strengthens one’s immune system as it increases the amount of white blood cells and antibodies produced by the thymus. An accelerated production of these cells will keep you healthier outside of the studio and prevent one from getting sick when exposed to germs.


As one sweats more in the high heat found in a hot yoga setting, the heart rate increases as a result. This is great simply for the fact that it increases blood circulation to all parts of the body which in turn can diminish pain and strengthen feeling and responsiveness of muscles and internal organ systems.


Mental Benefits of Hot Yoga


Mentally, hot yoga will teach you to sharpen your ability to focus as it requires that you are constantly mindful of your body, the positions it is in, and of your breathing as well. With improved focusing skills comes the ability for one to concentrate more thoroughly in and out of the yoga classroom.


The atmosphere created in a hot yoga environment will make one forget all of the stress and outside distractions. This in it of itself forces one to leave any stress behind as you focus on your body, mind, and spirit. A state of mindfulness paired with the almost meditative state experienced when practicing hot yoga will calm the mind, rid it of nervous tension, and put you into a relaxed state of awareness that can only be found through hot yoga.


Overall, Hot Yoga will bring the body into a new state of fitness as you improve flexibility, strengthen your muscles, and relieve pain in the joints, muscles, and bones. On top of these physical benefits, one can expect to also see an improvement in their mental state as stress is reduced through the structured breathing and relaxed atmosphere created in a hot yoga setting.