Yoga for Cancer


Yoga for Cancer

Cancer is a difficult and debilitating disease that affects every aspect of a person’s life. Not only does it damage the body but it exhausts the mind and the spirit. The battle against this disease requires patience, endurance and strong will power. Diet and exercise are a crucial part of fighting and recovering from cancer. It is important that the body is kept healthy and strong, as far as possible.


Many experts suggest that patients who suffer from or are recovering from this disease learn and do yoga regularly. Yoga is an ancient school of fitness that focuses on the body, mind and spirit, and the underlying link between them. The body can hardly stay healthy if the mind is restless or depressed.


Benefits of Hot Yoga

Research indicates that there are many benefits that yoga offers for patients dealing with cancer. This includes the ability to relax, improved sleep patterns and decrease in the level of anxiety and depression. A 90 minute class of hot yoga shows a marked improvement in physical energy and enthusiasm. It also helps students adopt better posture and improves their body alignment and balance.

Yoga asanas exercise both the external and internal parts of the body. This improves organ functioning, and in turn, promotes good health. Regular practice of yoga can cleanse the body of toxins and help it stay strong despite exposure to strong medical treatment. Meditation is a part of yoga that is often overlooked at yoga classes in the West. However, for cancer patients it can help students cope with stress effectively. It also brings about a sense of calm and clarity.


The breathing exercises such as anulom vilom assist in removing tension or anxiety from the body and reinforce a sense of balance and control. The lungs are strengthened and lung capacity used optimally. Focusing on this most basic body process also helps the body relax.