Hot Yogalates

Within the past several years, the fusion of yoga and Pilates into Yogalates has proven to be widely popular. Increasing numbers of people are seeking out Yogalates classes so that they can obtain the dual benefits of both practices. Despite its growing popularity, still many people are left wondering what Yogalates actually is. As the name implies, Yogalates combines the poses, movements, and philosophies of both yoga and Pilates. Typically, a Yogalates class will begin with traditional yoga poses that focus on stretching, breathing, and warming up the body. Next, the class can transition into other yoga poses that involve more movement, such as sun salutation. Further into the class, more and more Pilates exercises can be incorporated, focusing on the core. The teacher is free to alter this progression as they choose.

Yogalates is suitable for all people and difficulty levels. These classes welcome beginners to longtime followers of yoga and/or Pilates. Yogalates offers a new challenge to those people that want to mix up their regular workout routine of classes that focus solely on Pilates or yoga. However, some people that are accustomed to yoga are intimidated by Yogalates because of their impressions of Pilates. But, there is nothing to fear. Pilates builds core strength to slim the body. Furthermore, Yogalates appeals to older people because it eases into the poses. This workout does not seek to exhaust the body. Instead, through a time-efficient progression, all major muscle groups can be targeted and strengthened.

The benefits of Yogalates are extensive. Yogalates unites yoga and Pilates to obtain total body toning. Through the regular practice of Yogalates, people will notice weight loss, increased relaxation, and improved stamina through the learning of proper breathing. For those wanting to improve their strength, flexibility, posture, circulation, and concentration, Yogalates is the workout for you.