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M. M.

There is nothing quite as serene as walking into the studio and inhaling whatever form of aroma therapy Nanci is trying out on that particular day. An overwhelming sense of relief washes over you as you walk into her class and you can feel all of your stress immediately melt off your shoulders with the pressing heat. Nanci is a kind and nurturing...

ICL of North Andover

 was introduced to PYE by a friend who had been going for some time. I had been to a few yoga classes in the past, and was curious, but I wasn't sure I liked the idea of 'hot' yoga. I did not think I wanted to be too hot while I was 'working out'. While the first couple of classes I did feel a bit dizzy, and I frequently found myself taking a...

Matt D’Agostino

I got a lot out of your classes. I have some back issues and attending your classes helps me manage to the problem. I completed a half Ironman triathlon in June. Your classes were a great help in my preparation. Matt D'Agostino

Katie Phillips

Thank you so much for opening up my eyes to a whole new world and turning me into the yogi I always dreamed of being. Katie Phillips