What is Vinysasa Yoga

What is Vinysasa Yoga

There are many different forms of yoga that you can choose from. The Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga is characterized by its emphasis on synchronized breathing as you get in, maintain, and get out of a pose. The word Vinyasa comes from the Sanskrit words, ‘vi’ which means ‘in a special way’ and ‘nyasa’ which translates as ‘to place’. In other words, Vinyasa refers to placing the body in a special manner.
In this style of yoga, the poses are performed in a smooth transition, almost like a dance. The movements are steady and unhurried. In fact, it is often referred to as the Vinyasa flow. The focal point for each ‘asana’ is the inhalation or exhalation, based on the type of movement. The breathing dictates how one gets into and out of a pose and how it is held. It is also relevant when one is changing from one pose to another. Advanced students use this movement as a form of meditation that reflects that nothing in the world is permanent, and movement is the essence of life.

What to expect at a Vinyasa Yoga class

There are many levels of Vinyasa Yoga, and you would need to enroll for a class that suits your level of fitness and knowledge of yoga. A beginner’s class would be slower than an advanced class. Some classes may also include chanting and meditation. Vinyasa yoga does not have any specific rules other than emphasis on the style of breathing. This makes it easier for instructors to create an exercise schedule that meets the expectations and requirements of the students.
The term ‘vinyasa’ is also used to refer to the series of poses that are included after the Downward Facing Dog pose in the ‘Suryanamaskar’ or the Sun Salutation. When you enroll for a class you should expect movement- not just stretching exercises. A student will move from one pose to another when he or she exhales or inhales, depending on whether the body is stretched or contracted.   The Vinyasa style is used by several other forms of yoga including Ashtanga, Kundalini and Power Yoga.

Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

The first and most obvious benefit of this form of yoga is that you will begin to focus on your breathing and inhale and exhale properly. This will ensure that your body receives optimal amounts of oxygen and throws out carbon dioxide. The exercise offers physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. The body heats up, and internal and external organs are exercised. This helps the organ systems work efficiently and expel toxins.
Once the body is heated, the muscles and ligaments stretch and can be exercised properly. This minimizes the chances of injury. It also increases the metabolic rate of the body and helps in achieving weight loss. The body becomes flexible and limber. The immune system is also strengthened and you are less vulnerable to infection and disease.
With improved blood circulation, all parts of the body receive oxygen rich blood and nutrients. This improves physical performance and mental ability. You will not feel tired or fatigued as quickly as you would have before you began to practice yoga.  You will also gain from improved concentration and focus.