New to Power Yoga Evolution

All of our classes are designed for both beginners and intermediate students. If are new to Hot Yoga let the teacher know before class starts, she will be able to provide variations for you if needed.
You will need to arrive on your mat 15 minutes before class starts. Doors shut and lock 5 minutes before class begins.
Please bring a yoga mat towel and a water with you if you do not have a mat, we rent them for 1 dollar. We also sell waters as well.
We ask all students to stay for the full length of class leaving during class is disruptive.
We have a strict no cell phone policy in the yoga room, if you need to have your phone with you that day, that day is not a good day for you to practice yoga
Our students come in all shapes, sizes, age groups and physical condition. We are a supportive yoga community, our teachers and students are always excited to welcome new students to the studio and make you comfortable.
Drink water prior to class, being well hydrated makes class more enjoyable
It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach, try to avoid large meals 2 hours prior to class
The yoga room is heated, dress in lightweight clothing
Our teachers are available before and after class to answer any questions you may have about your practice