Yoga for Teenagers

Power Yoga for Teenagers

The teen years can be compared to a roller coaster ride that is powered by the surge of hormones and physical change in the body. Far too often a teenager’s self concept is dependent on how he or she thinks the world and peers view them. A large percentage of teenagers suffer from low self esteem and tend to withdraw. They lack confidence, and feel helpless. Yoga can help strengthen the mind and body connection that is essential for healthy growth.
This form of exercise focuses on not only the physical exercise but also on the manner in which one breathes while performing them. Breathing is crucial to how the body feels and reacts. Unfortunately, most people tend to breathe incorrectly and take in shallow breaths that don’t provide the body with enough oxygen. This makes the body feel listless and low. Power yoga for teenagers helps them focus on themselves and encourages them to improve.
Power yoga is a dynamic form of yoga and requires the use of energy and focus. It aims to improve stamina, flexibility and body strength. As a teen begins to feel more comfortable with his or her body image, they gain confidence and perform better in other aspects of their life.
Yoga exercises not only the external organs, but the internal organs too. This improves organ functioning and overall health. The students feel more energetic and happy, as blood circulation and the digestive system work efficiently, and they look and feel great. Posture and breathing is improved, and there is a distinct change in body image.
Yoga is a challenge that the student faces alone. It is not about competing with others. The sense of accomplishment after finishing a class is tremendous. Slowly, the teenager begins to realize that he or she doesn’t need to depend on others to make them feel good. The body strength becomes more important and appealing to them over the body image that others perceive.
Teenagers across the world deal with problems such as acne, obesity and headaches. These are often caused by bad diet and an inadequate exercise regime. When teenagers learn yoga they also begin to understand the importance of treating their body well. They are advised to eat healthy food and consume adequate amounts of water that will flush their body of toxins. With improved stamina, strength and flexibility, they are able to perform their school routine, sports and chores effortlessly and enjoy them.
The average teenager faces a lot of stress on a daily basis. This includes peer pressure, the need to look good and be accepted, along with scholastic requirements. A yoga class leaves the teenager’s mind free of any other issue other than the asanas that are being performed. This helps the body and mind relax, and stress is drained out of the system. When an adolescent is able to deal with stress effectively they are also able to make choices that are good for them.
Power yoga offers an intensive workout that focuses purely on the body. It helps the teen understand how important the mind and body connection is. They take this knowledge with them even after they leave the class and go home.