Yoga for Burning Fat

Power Yoga for burning fat

There are many people who think that hot power yoga is merely the stretching of limbs. However, there is so much more to this ancient practice of fitness. Yoga requires students to get into a pose or asana and hold it for several seconds. The poses are designed specifically to exercise certain muscles and body parts. When you get into an asana not only do you stretch your extremities but also exercise your internal organs too. This promotes good health from the inside out.
Yoga offers an intense workout in which you burn fat, and gain a lean and and create taut body, Power yoga can help strengthen muscles and burn excess fat. This type of yoga takes the best from the many different schools of yoga that exist. It is a form of ashtanga yoga and is also influenced by Iyengar. Power yoga is usually performed in a warm room that is conducive to exercise. The body stays warm during the workout, thus, making it easier to do the asanas and reducing any risk of injury.

How Power Yoga Burns Fat
When you enrol for a class of Power yoga you can expect to do a series of asanas that are held for a little longer than you would in another class. The time between asanas is reduced and they are done in smooth but quick succession. This means that a few minutes into the yoga class you can expect to be sweating, and feel virtually every limb in the body being stretched and exercised.

Due to the nature of Power yoga, it is expected that students know the basics of each asana and will be able to perform them effectively. You may wish to speak to the instructor before you consider joining a class. Your level of fitness, knowledge of yoga and any underlying health condition need to be considered. There are some instructors who offer a beginner’s class that allows you to get used to the rhythm and ways of Power yoga.

Power yoga is an aerobic activity and burns fat in several ways. You will exercise your body and burn as much as 300 calories at every class. As you gain lean muscle, you burn and lose fat. You will sweat and throw out toxins from your body. As the exercise improves organ functioning, you will soon start feeling fitter and stronger. Your body will begin to function properly, and you will find that you feel more energetic than you did before. With better digestion, you are likely to opt for a healthier diet and lifestyle. This in turn helps ensure that you don’t add pounds.

Yoga improves the body’s metabolic rate and makes it easier for the body to burn fat and lose weight. Some of the other benefits of Power yoga include better posture. Your body will look and feel lithe, and improve self image. People tend to put on more weight when they feel low and depressed. When you perform yoga on a regular basis, you feel more active and focused, and in turn, you feel more in control of your body and your life.